Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SMS Marketing Gaining Momentum


Text Message Marketing Gaining Momentum

Posted by Len Gutman on May 5th | 2 Comments

cell phone keypadCan a text message cause a consumer to drop what they’re doing and head to your business? Apparently so.

As reported in Saturday’s Republic, Phoenix-based Juice-it-Up is using text message offers to solicit customers with special “flash” offers and the tactic is working. Juice-it-Up owner Mike Hodges says he loves the service.

The first time Hodges sent out a promotion, 10 customers came into his two stores within 10 minutes. The next promotion, about 27 customers took advantage of the sale. On the third promotion, 54 customers came in for the special. He now has 97 customers signed up for the service.

The best part about text-message marketing is it’s easy and it’s opt-in. Juice-it-Up says customers are responding — literally dropping what they are doing to come into the store to take advantage of the offers.

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