Sunday, September 28, 2008

The greatest marketing tool ever invented

Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Many people are eliminating their landlines and using a cell phone exclusively. People who pack cell phones are never without them wherever they go. That’s what makes it the most powerful advertising tool in the history of the universe. You can get your message to your targeted, opt-in audience instantly with a measured instant response through SMS.

SMS stands for Short Message Service. Perhaps you are more familiar with the term Text Messaging, which is the same thing. The teen crowd has embraced this technology as the preferred method of communication and considers email something that their grandparents use. However, texting has now caught on across the board as a super quick method of communication because it is unobtrusive and not cumbersome like email.

Just think of the crisis that could have been averted if the University of Virginia had sent out an SMS alert to faculty and students instead of relying on email, which most people didn’t see until they got home that night after the tragedy was all over.

Not only can you reach your audience immediately with timely information, but you can also deliver coupons and direct them to a more informative Website link. Suppose you are a restaurant owner who wants to run a special on a slow day. Send out a coupon an hour before lunch and watch the people flock in to your restaurant. Suppose you are a realtor and you put your text message code on your for sale signs. People can text to that number and immediately receive a response with all the specs of the house including pictures of the interior.

If you are running a non-profit organization and you want to remind people to use your shopping mall or apprise them of specials, use SMS. Most savvy shoppers shop on their phones anyway. Too bad more of the vendors are still in the Stone Age without .mobi sites optimized for small screen handheld devices. This is changing as vendors are beginning to realize their oversight.

Let’s face it, more people have and use mobile phones today than computers, and they always have their phones with them. Accordingly, which do you think is the better medium for reaching people and informing them of your program?

Are you beginning to appreciate the power of SMS marketing? Do you see why it is the most powerful marketing tool in the history of the universe? You should be using it too.

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